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Fundación Engel was born as an initiative of Claudio Engel and his four children to donate the New Museum of Santiago (NUMU) to Chile. As such, NUMU is intended to be an institution that seeks to enrich the nation’s artistic heritage, expand the country's cultural offerings and help locate Chilean artists on the global map. NUMU will be a dynamic space that is open to the community for inspiration, experimentation, and the promotion of the arts. The museum is also conceived as a platform and space of collaboration with other international institutions, seeking to contribute to the knowledge of the artistic and cultural production of Chile and Latin America.

The Engel Collection has established itself as one of the most important contemporary cultural institutions in Chile. It currently contains more than 800 works of art created by more than 140 artists in various media: painting, sculpture, video art, photography, large format installations and performances, among other media, produced from the last quarter of the 20th century to the present day. The collection aims to preserve, document and make available a set of works that reflects the vitality, creativity and complexity of Chilean art. The intention of the Collection is to expand into becoming a leading collection of Latin American art.

We share with Matisse the following precept: “We are born with the sensibility of a given period of civilization. And that counts far more than all we can learn about a period. The arts have a development which comes not only from the individual, but also from an accumulated strength, the civilization which precedes us”[1]We believe in the Engel Collection as a carrier of cultural heritage that narrates not just the particular vision of a given artist, but a collective history that also speaks to our present day. We aim for NUMU to become a place from which to question and learn from our past, live the present and face the challenges of the future. The Collection aims to be cultural milestone that summons large audiences and expands and enriches the field of the visual arts both nationally and globally.

*Henry Matisse, “Statements to Tériade” at Matisse on Art, London: University of California Press, 1973.

Fundación Engel © 2020
Fundación Engel © 2020