NUMU Competition

Nuevo Museo de Santiago

On July 24, 2020, the Fundación Engel launched the National Architecture and Landscaping Blueprint Contest, the purpose of which was to select a blueprint, from which the architecture and specialties project will be developed to materialize the New Museum of Santiago, NUMU, and open it to the use of the community in a near term. NUMU will be located at the southern end of the Bicentennial Park of

Vitacura, Santiago and will be a key piece in the consolidation of the park and its borders that relate it to the city and the urban fabric.

NUMU shall integrate architecture and landscaping with a cultural focus and destination. The museum is proposed, not only as a contribution to the surrounding community, but as an architectural landmark, a platform for artists, a space for collaboration with other institutions and a place that attracts a large national and international public, providing new opportunities for the development and dissemination of contemporary art.

On November 23 and 24, the Jury met to evaluate the 76 proposals received. Finally, on December 3, the awards ceremony took place, where the 5 winners were announced and the prizes were awarded.

Jeannette Plaut
Competition Director︎

Claudio Engel
Fundación Engel President